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Homejust FLY T-Shirt

Wind Things just FLY T-Shirt
Model Number: 000081

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Your Price: £15.00

Wind Things just FLY T-Shirt
By popular demand, our just Fly T-shirts are availavle to buy.

100% Cotton T in 3 colours with light grey just FLY logo on chest.

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, says...

Geoff says...
It's a nice heavyweight T-Shirt, and it's got the justFLY logo on the front. It stops your torso getting cold (conditions apply), and makes you fly better. It works well as an emergency towel and can be used to signal people from a distance (buy two for full-semaphore-capabilities). The only downside is the number of people who ask you why you're wearing a McFLY T-Shirt, but as they've been performing for over a year they're due to split any minute... ;)

mcflys number 1 fan says...
gud tshirt no need 2 diss mcfly tho they ent splittin lol