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just FLY KITES is Situated adjacent to Barassie Beach in Troon, one of Scotland’s most popular kitesurfing destinations. Ayrshire has been home a huge kiting community for a good while and certainly a popular riding spot for the Team with Craig running kitesurf tuition there for over 2 year2.

The unit offers a west coast base to our team of instructors with professional kitesurf tuition from IKO and PKSF-qualified Craig Wearing. For power kite, buggy and mountain boarding instruction, Craig is joined by PKSF instructors Grant Golding, Kirsty McIntyre and Flexifoil pro landboard rider Mark Somerville.

With 1100sqft of floor space, just FLY KITES carries a huge range of kiting equipment for land and sea including spares and accessories, covering all major brands. There’s also a big comfy couch, tea usually on the go and a big bucket of biscuits to munch on while watching the latest kiting DVDs.

Everyone’s welcome to pop along and say Hi, grab a HobNob, or just have a natter to while away the lull till the wind picks up again… or drops off ! We’re also nice and convenient for those days when you get to the beach to find you’ve a broken pump, bust bridle or flappy footpad.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and if you give us a bell before hand, Craig will stick the kettle on.

Find just FLY KITES at
Unit 7, Block 8, Dukes Rd
Troon, Ayrshire, KA10 6QR
call 01292 316 611
or e-mail

Dukes Road is just behind Morrisons at the harbour end of North Shore Road. Head towards the ferry terminal and take the first left after the Morrisons mini roundabout. Click here for a map